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May 21, 2008

This is a great place to play music:  Musicovery.

The visuals are fun too!


I miss my mum

March 14, 2008



August 10, 2007


‘If we knew that tonight we were going to go blind,

we would take a longing, last real look at every blade of grass, every cloud formation,

every speck of dust, every rainbow – everything.  Pema Chodronhedge.jpg

Don’t Switch on Today

August 10, 2007


Can you remember the last day that you didn’t plug yourself in to your computer? Maybe today’s for other things, outside things, play, trees…………..

In the past all of life was based on trees.  Their flowers gave us nourishment,

their leaves and fibres clothed us and provided us with shelter.

We took refuge in their branches for protection from wild animals.

We used wood for heat, and for canes to bear our weight when we grew old,

and to make weapons to defend ourselves.  We were very close to trees.

Today, surrounded by sophisticated machiery and high-performance computers

in our ultra-modern offices, it is easy to forget our ties with nature.’

Dalai Lama


June 17, 2007

Found this: “All things change, nothing perishes.” (Ovid)

Found this thought very helpful when attempting to lead any sort of change within school, trying to persuade others to be bold and adventurous.  The idea seems to make it easier to let go.

Positive Mischief

June 6, 2007

Do you ever have those times when the mischief blob in your brain bursts and everything you experience or do just seems so funny? – like you’ve been re-wired so that your feelings are ahead of your thinking.  I wonder if we discover more at these times? Do students laugh enough while they’re learning? 

Today, my re-wiring meant that I wasn’t so busy with numerous, irrelevant tasks and was able to thoroughly enjoy the moments that really mattered to me.  I guess I was too busy laughing to worry!  Maybe, having turned everything upside down today, I’ve discovered that engaging in frantic activity is actually a kind of laziness, as it stops you dealing with what you truly value. 

Little Things

June 3, 2007

Found this:  ‘The things that matter most in our lives are not fantastic or grand.  They are the moments when we touch one another.’ (J. Kornfield)

Made me stop to enjoy each moment today -got the giggles with a friend, shared my sweet peas with a neighbour and played mad-chasing games with little Freya (2yrs) in the garden.  It’s amazing to notice these moments while they’re happening. Watch out for yours!

Reflections from the Bath

June 3, 2007

I’m trying to spend a bit longer in the bath to give myself time for reflection.  Digging in the garden also gives me the space to think back and think forward, sometimes just to take everything as it is.  Do we plan enough time for children to relfect on their learning?Do we teach children how to reflect and encourage them to decide what to learn next?  Do you give yourself enough time in the bath?

Learning from Lupins

May 31, 2007

lupins11.jpg I wish I was a lupin! My lupins are blooming this year! Last year I gathered seeds and planted them in a very exposed windy site, not ideal.  Took a risk. They grew and grew, swayed about in the wind and found a way to survive.  They didn’t need me, just adapted, remained flexible and supported each other. Brilliant.  This beauty in an unexpected place is wonderful.  Reminds me to try to bloom where I’m planted and to encourage learners to create, however unusual their journey may seem. 

Decorate your own soul

May 31, 2007

My Dad sent me this a while ago. Not sure where he got it from but I love the imagery and simplicity of it all.  


After a while you learn the subtle difference

Between holding a hand and chaining a soul,

And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning

And company doesn’t mean security.

And you begin to learn that kisses aren’t contracts

And presents aren’t promises –

And you begin to accept your  defeats

With your head up and your eyes open

And with the grace of an adult, not the

Grief of a child

And you learn to build your own roads today

Because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain

For your plans

After a while you learn that even sunshine

Burns if you get too much

So you plant your own garden and decorate

Your own soul – instead of waiting for

Someone to bring you  flowers,

And you learn  that you really can endure,

That you really are special,

And that you really do have a worth,

So live to learn and know yourself,

In doing so you will learn to live.