Social Bookmarking

Wow, what an opportunity social bookmarking provides for schools to share resources and support each other.  How can I persuade my school where very few staff have even heard of Web 2.0 to have a go?


One Response to “Social Bookmarking”

  1. samccoy Says:

    Almost all people bookmark, so moving them to online bookmarking is a good place to start encouraging educators to use more of the interactive web applications.
    When I first started bookmarking on, it was because I want to access my bookmarks from any computer, AND I could turn my bookmarks into a hotlist without transfering them to a static document. When you bookmark, you can annotate your selection while you are still thinking of why you selected it.
    I would start here with any staff, because they will understand bookmarking, bibliographies, hotlists, annotations, citations, etc. The social comes later;D

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