Positive Mischief

Do you ever have those times when the mischief blob in your brain bursts and everything you experience or do just seems so funny? – like you’ve been re-wired so that your feelings are ahead of your thinking.  I wonder if we discover more at these times? Do students laugh enough while they’re learning? 

Today, my re-wiring meant that I wasn’t so busy with numerous, irrelevant tasks and was able to thoroughly enjoy the moments that really mattered to me.  I guess I was too busy laughing to worry!  Maybe, having turned everything upside down today, I’ve discovered that engaging in frantic activity is actually a kind of laziness, as it stops you dealing with what you truly value. 


2 Responses to “Positive Mischief”

  1. missprofe Says:

    I tend to act goofy with the students. Of course, their personalities and temperaments determine my degree of goofiness, but, it helps the time to pass, and decompressed the stress that would otherwise exist- in my day and in theirs.

  2. lynn Says:

    That mischief blob in my brain seems to appear quite often. It’s interesting that when it does, it jumps from one person to another!

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