Setting learning goals

Good idea from an elluminate webinar when asking students to set their own learning goals: share a selection of goals and ask them to choose three priorities -gives a great overview of what your group wants to get out of a session.  I’ve tried it with 10 year olds and it was great. 

 How often do we assume to know what other people need to learn?


2 Responses to “Setting learning goals”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Must be time for another blog!

  2. Kelly Christopherson Says:

    Isn’t that what curricula are for? We have whole binders full of what other people think that we should learn and then be able to recite back on some sort of exam, preferrably one that is very easy to mark! To do it any other way might, gasp, create thinkers! What would happen? People who would not only question what is going on but who might also come up with the options and then, for the love of war George, demand that they be done and not accept, don’t listen Donald, money as a reason not to do it. To crack the school would be to open something that many in North America do not want to have happen. To have students who can actually set their own learning goals based on what they need and what they are interested in would be, like without a doubt Paris, so radical that it might upset the apple cart. Gotta love it!

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