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Setting learning goals

April 20, 2007

Good idea from an elluminate webinar when asking students to set their own learning goals: share a selection of goals and ask them to choose three priorities -gives a great overview of what your group wants to get out of a session.  I’ve tried it with 10 year olds and it was great. 

 How often do we assume to know what other people need to learn?



April 20, 2007

Great site for fun interactive stuff for kids to learn about taking care of the earth.

live e learning

April 15, 2007

Great live session  coming up on 16th April 07  at

‘Teach less to learn more’

Are teachers having to learn how to coach more in lessons?

What did you learn today?

April 9, 2007

I learnt that although it’s hard to thin out my lettuce seedlings, I know in the end I’ll get better plants.  I guess we all need our own space.